Go green with our neutral nail ideas

Go green with our neutral nail ideas

Bored of your current nail colour polish look but wishing for a classic upgrade with a twist? Dare to try NailKind’s collection of green nail polish.  It's a chic and versatile way to change-up your go-to mani.

If you haven’t tried green polish, what are you waiting for?

Green nail polish is an ingenuous and fashionable choice for those who prefer neutral manicures compatible for their everyday life. If you pick the right green nail polish, you can match any outfit or skin tone. In this blog, we'll show you how NailKind’s green nail polishes are a great alternative to nude nail polishes and deserve a space in your neutral nail polishes wardrobe.

Dark green manicure featuring NailKind's Susan Rover

Green is the new Black

Have you ever thought about how easy it is to style green clothes with other pieces of clothing? There is no wonder why camouflage clothes are green. At NailKind, we are famous for our range of green shades – from light to dark. 

Our best-selling shade, Crocodile Smile  is the quintessence of the neutral green nail polish, it goes with all skin tones, has a very classic look and is the equivalent of your nude polish but with a green twist.  If you prefer a darker but neutral nail polish look, try NailKind Green Daze , one of our original shades and a best seller since launch.

NailKind's Crocodile Smile neutral green nail lacquer

Don’t be shy

Once you have tried a NailKind Green Nail Polish, you may be tempted to collect them all! We would recommend NailKind Godzilla which is not as scary as its name. It is a true khaki nail polish with extreme shine. This is the equivalent to your little combat jacket or bomber for your nails.

NailKind's Karki nail lacquer manicure

Also good for your nails

NailKind's green nail polishes are also “green”. Our lacquers are up to 85% bio-sourced and formulated with low chemicals. They contain ingredients such as potato, maize, corn and sugarcane. Before applying any nail polish, it is essential to prepare your nails for the best results.  Start by shaping your nails, gently pushing back cuticles and ensure your nails are dry.  We highly recommend using a base coat as it provides a smooth surface for your green nail polish to adhere to and helps prevent staining, especially when you go for the more pigmented shades. NailKind’s Natural Base Coat will help make your manicure last longer too.  Discover how to prepare your nails with our blog here.

Less is more

It is always best to apply two thin coats for optimal coverage. Allow each coat to dry before applying the next, so be patient! It will be worth it when your green nail polish lasts longer on your nails.

Even better, we would recommend applying a Top Coat to lock the colour in, prevent from chipping and giving you that NailKind high shine.  Have you also tried the new NailKind Plumping Top Coat  to give you extra volume like a gel nail polish would do.

Take the plunge

Which green nail polish will you go for? Do not take our word for it, look at our reviews on our best selling greens and you will see what our customers say. NailKind Crocodile Smile was described by a customer as a “nice subtle green shade, good coverage and lasts almost 10 days”

You truly can achieve a neutral nail polish look with green. 

A selection of NailKind's green nail lacquers

Dare you go green?

If you are looking at spicing up your neutral nail polish look, do not hesitate and go for greens. Green nail polish is a stylish way to revisit your nude nail palette. Ultimately, the best way to see if it looks good on your nails is to try is out! Click here to discover our NailKnd Green Collection.


I am tempted by green nail polish but which is the most neutral one to start?

Nailkind Crocodile Smile  is the most neutral nail polish of the NailKInd green collection.  It is a light classic nail polish colour with a subtle green that will look great on short or long nails, whatever their shape.

Which Green Polish will look best on fair skin?

All shades of green nail polish will look good on fair skin but a teal based green will definitely stand out. Why not try our NailKind Snake Charmer

Is Dark Green Nail Polish better than Black nail polish?

Whether you want to dare to wear black nail polish is a personal choice but dark green nail polish is a softer alternative yet still will give you a bold nail look. We would recommend our two best selling NailKind lacquers: Susan Rover and Clear Forest Magic . To make your green nail polish last longer, start with a clean and properly prepared nail surface. Apply a good quality base coat such as NailKind’s Natural Base Coat to prevent staining and chipping. Apply thin, even layers of NailKind’s green nail polish, and finish with a top coat to seal the colour and add durability.

How do I remove green nail polish without damaging my nails?

To remove green nail polish without damaging your nails, use a non-acetone remover. Soak a cotton ball or pad in the remover, place it on your nail, and gently rub off the polish. Be sure to moisturize your nails and cuticles afterward to prevent drying.  We use NailKind’s Natural Nail Oil regularly to keep our nails healthy.

Are there eco-friendly or non-toxic green nail polish options available?

Yes, NailKind is an eco-friendly and non-toxic nail polish brand that offers green shades. We are free of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). These polishes are safer for your nails and the environment.

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We Answer Your Frequently Asked Nail Questions on Nail Care

We Answer Your Frequently Asked Nail Questions on Nail Care

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