Nail Base Coat: the foundation of perfection

Nail Base Coat: the foundation of perfection

Ever wondered what is so important about a nail base coat? Do you really need to bother or is it just an extra step in your routine? We believe that it’s an essential part of your manicure to keep it lasting for as long as possible. Read on to find out why it is an important step not to forget.

What is a base coat for nails?

Imagine trying to build a house on a shaky foundation – it just wouldn’t work!  The same principle applies to your manicure (and pedicure). If you are also taking the additional time to get creative with nail art, you want it to last.

Think of your nail base coat as the unsung hero that provides a smooth and even canvas for your nail polish masterpiece.  But it is also a multifunctional product.

Why should you use a base coat?

As well as making your mani last longer by priming the nail, it also protects your nails. Say if you want to go for daring dark red nails for a special night out but want to revert back to more nude colours soon after.  It will protect your nails from being stained by the darker pigmentation.

But the benefits extend beyond this.  A nail base coat will help nourish and strengthen your nails.  NailKind's Natural Nail Base Coat is made of natural and biosourced ingredients which help fortify your nails from within.  Ingredients like vitamin E help to promote nail health.

How do you use NailKind Natural Base Coat?

The next question is what’s the best nail base coat that you can use?  Clearly we are biased but our award winning Natural Base Coat is quick drying and packed full of natural ingredients that are kind to your nails.

Using NailKind's nail base coat will smooth out your nail, giving it a really solid base, ready for the application of your nail colour. 

If you like using dark colours for example Susan Rover or Wine O’Clock, a nail base coat is really important because it stops your nails being stained by the darker pigments.

It will help make it last longer. Here are some more tips and tricks to help create the perfect foundation:

Clean & Buff

Always start out with clean dry nails as this will make sure you have got rid of any impurities or natural oils on your nails. Wash your hands and nails thoroughly, then dry them.  Once dry, gently buff the surface to create a smooth texture for the base coat to adhere to.

Thin and Even Layers

Now you’re ready to apply your nail polish base coat.  Apply a thin, even layer of the Natural Base Coat, ensuring it covers the entire nail surface. Avoid thick coats to promote even drying and prevent bubbling.  But equally, don’t skimp on this stage.  Remember your nail base coat is like a primer – getting the consistency right is important.

Allow Ample Drying Time

Patience is key – allow the nail base coat to dry completely before applying your chosen nail polish colour. This step ensures optimal adhesion and longevity. The good thing is that Nail Kind Natural Base Coat is designed to dry quickly so you won’t be hanging around for too long. 

In the realm of nail perfection, the nail base coat is the unsung hero that lays the groundwork for long lasting manicures, pedicures and nail art. From adhesion and protection to a smooth canvas, it is an essential tool in your nail care kit.

Elevate your manicure game and let your nails shine with a foundation that's nothing short of perfection.


Do I need to use a base coat for polish?

Before applying polish always use a base coat.  A base coat gives a smooth surface for your nail colour but it also makes nails healthier. 

How important is a base coat for nails?

A base coat makes it easier for you to apply even layers of nail polish. If your nail beds are rough or ridged, the right base coat provides a smoother surface. A layer of base coat serves as a smooth, even canvas for your polish and will help your manicure last longer.

Can I use a top coat as a base coat?

We do not recommend to use a top coat as a base coat. Although they look similar, these two products are formulated differently to do different things. NailKind's Natural Base Coat is thicker and stickier, which helps our nail polish adhere better.

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