Our story


NAIL KIND grew from the founders belief that beauty goodness, high performance and affordable-for-all luxury CAN be combined in an industry-leading natural nail color collection.


Created by friends with over 20 years of global beauty, cosmetics, fashion and design expertize, who in looking for the perfect glossy nail colors to boldly express all their personalities while being vegan, natural, caring and luxurious without the luxury price tag … couldn’t find one brand that ticked all the boxes. Together they created a statement to encapsulate the spirit of all that they wanted from a nail collection – Be Daring. Be You. Be Kind.

Newley formed as the NAIL KIND team, design began on a collection that would include both classic and on-trend hues that would suit everyone. This thoughtful curation of colors became known as the NAIL KIND Color Squad. Each color was given a unique name to express a mood, an emotion, an adventure – from Pillow Talk and Mist You to Popsicle Party and Nutz.


While high-voltage glossy impact colors would never be compromised, no less important was the idea of good beauty with a cool-to-be-kind vibe. Work began on a Vegan formula that would have a minimum of 85% natural ingredients, would be good for people and good for the planet.

Over the next two years with over a 100 different submissions and constant lab work, the Eureka moment finally came with a recipe that delivered just the right balance of glossiness with goodness.


The final formula built less around chemicals and more about sustainability and respecting the environment was completed. It said no to animal-derived ingredients, no to animal testing and a big yay! to an impressive 85% of mineral and plant-based ingredients such as potato, corn and wheat. Alongside being good for both people and the planet the formula was also gentle on nails, super glossy and quick to dry.

The ideal container was sourced to stand out from the crowd, reflect the clean philosophy and provide the perfect covetable little bottle to look great on the desk or dressing table as well as being compact enough to stow away in pocket or clutch.


The first Color Squad collection included 11 colors and a top coat, enough choice to pick the color to suits mood or make moods, to dial daring up or down! Very quickly best sellers developed with the iconic RED CARPET, a glamorous racy rouge carpet’. NUDE & PROUD a nude pink-beige that works well on all and the fun and outrageous POPSICLE PARTY. 



With all the budget invested in creating the best possible formula, huge marketing campaigns were out! Through the power of Instagram, word of mouth and colors spotted on celebrities about town word began to spread throughout Copenhagen about a cool, new, good for you nail brand with great glossy colors.



Following the original 12, the NAIL KIND team continue to develop outstanding colors with every shade meticulously mixed to bring the perfect hue to nail aficionados everywhere