Nailing the Basics: A Comprehensive Guide to the ULTIMATE Nail Care

Nailing the Basics: A Comprehensive Guide to the ULTIMATE Nail Care

When it comes to self-care, our nails often take a back seat. However, neglecting nail health can lead to various issues, from brittle nails to discolouration. In this blog, we’ll explore the essentials of nail care, providing you with a comprehensive guide to keep your nails healthy, strong, and looking fabulous.

Nail Structure

Before we can explore Nail Care, it is good to understand the basic anatomy of your nails:

  • Nail Plate: The visible, hard part of the nail that covers the fingertip. Composed of the protein, Keratin, which provides strength and resilience.
  • Nail Bed: The skin beneath the nail plate. Containing blood vessels that supply nutrients and oxygen to the nail matrix, it supports nail growth.
  • Cuticle: The thin layer of tissue that overlaps the base of the nail plate and protects the matrix. It acts as a barrier, preventing bacteria and fungi from entering the nail matrix.
  • Nail Matrix: The tissue located under the cuticle that produces new cells. It's responsible for the growth and thickness of the nail plate.

Understanding these helps keep your nails healthy by avoiding damage during manicures or using harsh products on your nails.  Also it allows you to spot imperfections early so that you can treat them.

Common Nail Problems

Nail concerns are more common than you think…so don’t worry if you feel as though you are alone in this matter. Concerns such as brittle nails, sharp ridges and discolouration can be daunting, but do not fear, here at NailKind we have the perfect selection of products to help tackle any nail concern you could have!

Our Natural Nail Oil is perfect for moisturising and nourishing your cuticle, containing Vitamins E and F alongside natural oils that are gentle to your nails and nail plate. Our Natural Strengthener and Extreme Strengthener are made for repairing brittle nails and protecting against external aggressions.

If you are looking for a multi-tasking option, why not try out our 5 in 1: 360 Therapy treatment. This product promotes nail plate regeneration, strengthens and repairs thin and weak nails. It contains a rich source of sulphur that directly interacts with the keratin in your nails to harden and strengthen. If you desire longer nails, this treatment will get you there before you know it!

Our New Nail Care Products

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce out two new nail care products that have just launched! The Whitener: Uncolour me, the ultimate choice for anyone with yellowing or discolouration on your nails. This magic potion will instantly correct any discolouring and restore your nails to perfection again. The ingredients include but are not limited to Samphire and Lemon extract which are proven sources of rich antioxidants and properties that will restore your nail appearance.

The Ridge Filler Primer & Treatment is perfectly ideal for any ridged or dull nails. With a stunning satin finish this product will leave your nails looking fresher, younger and healthier. This product contains Amazonian berries which contain 30 times more vitamin C than oranges and Vitamin E to protect and preserve your nails.

As an End Note…

Nail care is an integral part of self-care that should not be overlooked. By understanding the anatomy of your nails, adopting a proper routine, and incorporating healthy habits, you can achieve strong, beautiful nails that reflect your overall well-being.

NailKind has been working tirelessly to bring to you a selection of Nail Care products that are personally designed to help you achieve your nail goals and overcome any concerns along the way whilst being gentle on your nails and cruelty-free. Whether you’re a nail care novice or a seasoned professional, taking time to care for your nails is an investment in both health and style. Flawless Nails, Endless Confidence.


What is the proper care for nails?

Make sure to keep your nails dry and clean and cut your nails straight across to avoid any ingrown nails. Do not bite your nails or cuticles and apply nail care products to strengthen your nails. Our favourite products are: The Mist You Top Coat, Natural Nail Strengthener and the 5 in 1: 360 Therapy Treatment.

How can I make my nails stronger and thicker?

Stay hydrated and pay attention to your diet. All of the food we eat affects our nails, so it is very important to consume the proper nutrients to keep your nails healthy. Use NailKind’s Vegan and gentle nail polishes and our Natural Strengthener or Extreme Strengthener to harden your nails.

Why are my nails soft and bendy?

Soft nails are typically due to an overexposure of moisture or chemicals – like cleaning equipment. If possible, try to keep your nails clean and dry and also try our Natural Nail Oil to nourish, moisturise and help restore your nails to perfection.

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