Ever wanted to add sparkle and glitter to your nails whilst still using a great top coat ?  Well now you can do just that.  NailKind’s So Over The Top works as a glitter shade and a fab Top Coat as well.

Just add festive sparkle

So choose your shade, slick on a coat of glittery So Over The Top, umm, over the top 😆 and for completeness, don't forget a layer of traditional Top Coat over it, to give you a professional looking, sparkly glitter nail manicure ready for any festive gathering.  Personalising your nails like this will set your nails apart from any other sparkly manicure in the room and will give you flawless nails.

A silvery glitter nail polish with liquid coming out of the top

Pure Glitter Nails

If you just want a pure uninterrupted glitter nail statement, use NailKind’s So Over The Top on its own (over our NailKind Base Coat obviously).  Check out our blog on base-coat how-to  in order to get the best possible foundation.  It will help your mani last longer so definitely worth taking the time to do.  

So Over The Top is a shade in itself and will add glitter and glam to any outfit.  Two, or even 3 coats will see your glitter nail manicure professionally glamorous.

If you're feeling like a complete change, why not try mixing your nail colours.  Below is a manicure featuring our Glam Up collection.  So Over The Top is on the middle finger.

Multiple coloured manicure with silvers and greys

So What is a Top Coat ?

The next question is what’s the best nail top coat that you can use?  Clearly we are biased but NailKind’s award winning Natural Top Coat – Mist You - is quick drying and packed full of natural ingredients that are kind to your nails.

Using NailKind’s  natural top coat will amp up colour and gloss your gloss!  Lock-in brilliance for days and add life to your glitter nail manicure.

Allow Ample Drying Time

Patience is key – allow the base coat, shade and sparkly top coat to dry completely before applying your next layer of polish. This patience ensures optimal adhesion and longevity to your manicure.

Sparkly Nails Aren't Just For Christmas

At NailKind HQ, we believe that glitter nails aren't just for the holiday season.  We think they work really well throughout the year - when you want to add a little bit more sparkle for a special occasion, like weddings, engagement parties or those special birthday parties that end with a zero! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to use a base coat?

A base coat will create the perfect foundation for your nail lacquer.  It will also prevent your nail staining from darker hues.  All in all, leaving you with flawless nails!

How many layers of top coat should I apply?

If you have applied a thin layer of base coat and 2 thin layers of the shade of your choice then one layer of top coat should suffice, but 2 will really amp up the gloss factor.

You can always reapply Top Coat a few days later to help it last longer and re-amp that glossy finish.

How can I remove a sparkly top coat when the party season is over?

You should be able to remove a glitter nail polish with regular nail polish remover, maybe requiring a little more persistence, so be sure to smooth on a coat of nail oil afterwards to restore your nail’s moisture.

 If you have any other questions, please email us at and we'll be happy to help.








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