5 Autumn/Winter trends for Flawless Nails

5 Autumn/Winter trends for Flawless Nails

With the change in weather, comes the perfect opportunity to embrace autumnal nail colours.  We wanted to share some of Scratch Magazine's Nail Trends for Autumn/Winter 2023, along with the NailKind colours to suit so you can create flawless nails this season.


What are the top trends for Autumn/Winter 2023?

To help you narrow down your choice of autumnal nail colours, we’ve chosen our favourite 5 trends.  We think these are the easiest and quickest to do at home, whilst ensuring you have your usual flawless nails. 

However you may wish to take your NailKind varnishes to a Nail Salon and get them to do some of the more complex nail art looks.

Tones of Nature

Nature is always a big influencer on trends and this season sees dark brown, navy blue and khaki green prominent on the catwalks.  Pair one of these shades with our glossy Mist You Top Coat for flawless nails.

Our top picks are:

Crocodile Smile

Coco Loco

Soul Sister


Above is Crocodile Smile

Ruby Hues

Red is always in style, and so features highly in autumnal nail colours, with a multitude of hues to choose your favourite lacquer from!  Bright nail polish or darker hues are guaranteed to add a touch of luxury to your nails and keep you going through the build up to Christmas.

NailKind has a great range of reds for flawless nails – our current faves are:

Burning Love

Wine OClock

French martini

Above is Wine OClock

Tortoiseshell Nail Art

If you haven’t discovered this yet, tortoiseshell nail art combines deep browns and caramel tones combining Autumnal nail colours all at once! You could use it as a feature nail or go all-out across all 10.

Try these as a combination for flawless nails:

Caramel Trenchcoat

Lava Love

Coco loco

Above is Caramel Trenchcoat

Fresh & Clean

The epitome of flawless nails is the clean-looking manicures are set to stay popular as we hit the colder season.  The best colours for this look are delicate greys, soft pinks and nude beiges.  The end result is subtle but sleek and sophisticated. 

Why not try some of our newest launches:

Miss Ballet

Blue Afternoon

Caramel Trenchcoat

Above is Blue Afternoon

French Mani

Year after year, the go-to for flawless nails is the French Mani and it never gets boring.  You can of course stick with the OG (pink and white) but you could also mix it up by using more Autumnal nail colours and even bright nail polish shades on the tips such as olive greens, oranges and royal blues.

Here are some daring shades to try:

Lava Love

Green Daze

Ink Me

Above is Ink Me

Which Autumn/Winter trend will you choose?

We hope that you have enjoyed seeing how you can wear the latest trends with Autumnal nail colours to get flawless nails. There is so much choice - whether you like brights or nudes - so your mani will be completely on trend! As always, we love to see your nail creations so please so share them on social or via the customercare@nailkind.com.

Scratch Magazine is a magazine dedicated to professional nail artists. For more inspiration, please visit https://www.scratchmagazine.co.uk/news-and-features/autumn-winter/


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I achieve flawless nails?

Achieving flawless nails is more than just the product you use. 

  • Maintain a healthy diet rich in minerals and vitamins, especially biotin, calcium, and vitamin E, as they promote nail health.
  • Stay hydrated as water will keep your nails and cuticles hydrated from the inside out.
  • Keep your nails moisturised regularly. We keep a bottle of our Natural Nail Oil in our handbags and by our computer for regular applications throughout the day
  • When applying NailKind nail polish, we highly recommend using our Natural Base Coat which will help protect your nails as well as prevent staining – particularly with those stronger autumnal colours
  • Don’t rush your mani. Whilst NailKind products are quick drying, we recommend leaving plenty of time between each coat
  • Finally for that extra flawless nails finishing touch, we always use Mist You Natural Top Coat to protect the mani and add some more gloss.

What are the best Autumnal Nail Colours?

Autumn is a season known for its rich and warm colour palette. When it comes to choosing the best autumnal nail polishes, think about shades that mimic the colours of falling leaves, cozy sweaters, and the overall ambiance of the season. Additionally, be sure to choose high-quality nail polishes like NailKind, that provide flawless nails and long-lasting wear.


Photo credits: Photo by Autumn Mott Rodeheaver on Unsplash  

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