Trend Alert: Nail the Future

Trend Alert: Nail the Future

Happy New Year! As we kick off 2024, let’s delve into the mesmerising world of nail polish trends that will elevate your style and make you nails feel the best they ever have!

This year, it is all about expressing yourself through an array of colours. Discover our captivating colours that promise to infuse your nails with vibrancy and style. 

Timeless Nudes

Nude nails have always been ahead of their time. Simple yet classy and perfect for any occasion, outfit and season. You simply can’t go wrong with these shades. Our Timeless Nude’s collection has a wonderful assortment of shades, from light to dark, that will be a match to anyone and any skin tone.

If you feel as though you simply can’t decide between all of our shades, why not try out our best-sellers, Nude & Proud and My harmony? These colours are a must-have in your nail polish collection. Start off the year with the perfect nude nails! 

 Timeless Nude Shade Collection Image

All Things Red.

While Nude shades are perfect in themselves, red nail polish will always be the one to stand out. Our bold red shades are gorgeous and the ultimate choice for this 2024. There is no better time than the present to invest in our red shades and dress to impress. Discover our favourite shades from our collection, Red Carpet and Wine O’Clock, the perfect shades to give your nails the makeover they deserve. 2024 is the year for red nails!

  Red Carpet Nail Polish

Why not Green?

Green nail polish has rarely made it to the top of the trends list and we really don’t understand why not because it is the colour that grabs attention and makes a statement. With spring following closely after winter, green can finally make a return and be the choice you make this year.

Our shades of green are unique, gentle and never fail to impress. Our shades, Susan Rover and Clear Forest Magic, are the perfect choice if you’re looking to dip your feet in green waters.  In addition to this, our shade Crocodile Smile is a pale, mossy green shade that would undoubtably match any season or outfit.

Forest green manicure

White Simplicity

Wearing white nail polish always brings out the reminiscence of a snowy winter morning. The frost that has clung to the outside windows and the snowflake crystals that land softly on the road, covering every inch of pavement. Sounds perfect right? That’s what white nail polish is…perfect. While white nails polish is wonderful in winter it can also be just as “perfect” throughout the year. Throughout all of the seasons, white nails are the ultimate addition. Light, airy and just so easy to wear…

Our shades, Cloud Bunny and Glazed Donut, capture this scenery perfectly and to elevate this look even more, Glazed Donut glistens your nails, bringing to you that shimmering sparkle that creates a flawless finish.

White nail polish is without a doubt also the ultimate choice throughout the year and not just winter. The gentle, light look that white nails give could never be replaced.


Nail Care

This blog is all about trends and something that we know will always be trendy is Nail Care. Manicures are always stunning, yet the before and aftercare of your nails will only make your manicures look even better than they did before.

Luckily, we have the perfect Nail Care range that is bound to mesmerise you. Each product is uniquely designed to care for your nails and restore them to the perfect health and keep them flourishing.  


What is the Nail shape for 2024?

We are starting off strong in 2024 as the trends seem to be taking us towards short square nails. This style is a classic and will always look good! Particularly suited to nude nails.

Are dark nails still trending in 2024?

Absolutely yes! Dark and neutral colours easily go with everything so we can expect these shades to be popular this year.  Red Nails will always be the shade that will trend season after season, year after year!

What is the nail colour trend for 2024 winter?

As the trends for minimalism nails is on the rise, it is likely that nude shades and white nail polish will be the most popular this coming 2024 winter.  

What colour is trending for Spring?

Pastel colours are bound to take the win this coming Spring. Our shade Mr. Pistachio would be the perfect nail polish to match the pastel theme. 


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