Nail Hacks from the NAIL KIND Squad!

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Here are some handy tips and tricks from our team.  We hope that you find them useful!

1- PROTECT YOUR NAIL POLISH by keeping it in the fridge, especially in summer. Keeping your nail polish cool avoids the evaporation capacity and reduces the degradation process of the formula which can take place over time.

Once opened, your nail polish will last 24 months so any hanging around your bathroom cabinet for longer can probably be replaced with a fab new NAIL KIND colour!

2- PROTECT AND NOURISH YOUR NAILS with NAIL KIND Nail Oil.  Heat, extreme cold, humidity, repeated washing and hygiene products weaken and dry your nails. They can split or become brittle. Using NAIL KIND Nail oil every day brings instant moisture, nourishes and soothes, so the dry and rough becomes, healthy and beautiful. 

We love massaging the Nail Oil in at night before we go to sleep and let it works its magic.  You will then be good to go for applying your polish the next day.

3- FOR A SMOOTH, POLISHED LOOK use a Base Coat. It not only helps nail polish stay on longer, but helps protect the nail and prevent staining/colouring from stronger shades NAIL KIND's new Base Coat also primes the nail to smooth and blur so colours applied after look smooth, super glossy and last even longer.

4- CHOOSE THE RIGHT SHAPE FOR YOUR NAILS that is most flattering by mirroring the shape of your cuticles.  So, if your cuticles are curved, try an oval or rounded nail.  If they are straight, go for a square or squoval.


5- EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR NAIL POLISH with a good quality, natural base coat and topcoat.

Thanks to NAIL KIND’s Mist You Topcoat and Base Coat, it is possible to extend the wear of a nail polish, without having to use semi-permanent nail polishes applied in a salon.


Other hacks to extend the life of your NAIL KIND nail polish:

  • Apply thin coats of nail polish
  • Make washing up gloves your BFF when washing up and doing chores
  • Reapply Mist You Top Coat every two to three days
  • Let your nails dry properly (Nail Kind nail polishes are quick drying, so you won't have to wait too long)
  • Roll your nail polish bottle between you hands before starting
  • Brush nail polish across the free edge of your nails


What we recommend NOT to do:

  • Soak your nails in water just after doing a mani/pedi (Swimming, washing up, shower etc)
  • Apply your nail polish under the sun or in a very warm room, it will bubble up and not last. 
  • Rush between coats... patience is queen 👑

If you have any nail hacks, we'd love to hear them and share them with the wider NAIL KIND community.  Feel free to contact us on Instagram DM @nailkindofficial or tag us on Social Media.  Or email on or


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