The NAIL KIND Manicure Step by step





During these long, lockdown days there is nothing better than a little pamper time.  Treat yourself (and family and friends) to a luxurious manicure and pedicure.  Doing your nails can instantly transform your mood! 



Give your regular manicure session an animal-friendly upgrade.

You may not have realised but up until recently, nail polishes have included ingredients such as ‘pearl essence’ derived from fish scales  to give the polishes a  shimmer finish; oleic acid ,a thickener derived from animal fat; as well as carmine made from boiled and crushed beetles to give them a red colour.

NAIL KIND nail polishes are not only vegan, they are also cruelty-free, which means no animal testing at any stage of production.

Even better news – the ingredients in the formulas contain fewer harsh, toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, which are often found in regular polish. Instead, we prioritise mineral and plant-based ingredients derived from manioc, potatoes and corn that won’t dry or damage your nails.



    Before you start, prepare your tools: 


    • Buffer & nail file
    • Cuticle Stick
    • Bowl of warm water
    • Base Coat
    • Nail Colour/s
    • Topcoat
    • Nail Oil
    • Scrub and Hand Cream




        Clean your nails with polish remover.

        To get a great manicure at home, do as the pros do by spending as much time prepping your nails as you do polishing them. That means starting with a good quality nail polish remover to get rid of any oils or dirt. Wash your hands, sanitise and dry.

        Exfoliate the skin and remove any dead skin cells to leave hands soft and smooth.  Use a scrub that uses natural, gentle ingredients such as oats, jojoba beads or salt and make sure it has no microbeads which are now banned in the UK.

        Soaking your nails in a water bath is not the best way to clear your cuticles as the water causes the nail to absorb it and expand. 

        Instead gently massage a nail oil (such as NAIL KIND's new nail oil) on the cuticles and push back using an orange stick .  Wipe clean with a gentle nail polish remover before the next step

        Buff your nails to smooth the nail creating the perfect base ready for polish and long-lasting shine.  It also encourages circulation for a healthier nail.

        Shape nails to desired shape, always file from outer corner into center of nail, repeat on other side to ensure smooth and polished edges


        Nails have oils in that prevent nail polish from adhering well therefore, you need a basecoat  to seal out the oils before you apply a colour. 

        NAIL KIND BASE COAT smooths and blurs so colours applied after look smooth, super glossy and last even longer


        Have fun choosing among the vibrant NAIL KIND colour squad! (this is Popsicle Party)

        From nudes to winter neutrals to bold red, there is a colour for each occasion.

        Once you have picked your colour, apply your first coat starting the application with your less agile hand and keep your forearms on the table which we protect with a towel. Move to your other hand and wait 5 minutes before starting with your second coat.


        When your second coat of polish is dry its now time to gloss that gloss.  

        Finish with a coating of MIST YOU TOP COAT… you will be forever smitten with the finish and the extended time your nail polish will last

        Moisturise and condition the nails with a treatment oil. Just one drop of this luxurious nail brings instant moisture, nourishes and soothes, so the dry and rough becomes, healthy and beautiful

        MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE. The perfect end to your manicure, indulge your hands with a lovely, natural hand cream that soothes and comforts

        (NAIL KIND shade in photo is Pillow Talk)



        Et Voila!!! 

        Your pamper session is done and you are ready to brave the word!