Look Good Feel Better is a UK based cancer support charity and part of an affiliation operating in 27 countries worldwide. It is the only cancer support charity offering support to women, men and young adults to combat the visible and emotional side-effects of their treatment. Their workshops are normally offered in over 140 hospitals and cancer centres across the UK and to-date has supported over 180,000 people living with cancer. During the current pandemic, the charity has diversified to successfully offer virtual workshops in lieu of face-to-face sessions.
Look Good Feel Better’s online group workshops, hosted by trained experts, help people combat the visible side effects of their cancer treatment from hair and eyebrow loss to brittle nails and dry skin. Each session provides participants with a safe, welcoming, and fun environment to learn new skills and techniques. Most importantly, they also provide a vital opportunity to chat, share experiences and feel supported at such a challenging time.
NAILKIND are proud to donate a base coat to each participant to Look Good Feel Better's nail workshop. As of today, we donated 620 NAIL KIND Natural Base Coat, 420 NAIL KIND nail polishes and 840 Natural nail oils. 
For those undergoing medical treatment, always check with your medical professional before starting to use new products.