Nail art with @Clawgasmic

We are delighted to collaborate with Chantelle @Clawgasmic.
Here are few ideas and tips on creating some fun nail art looks with NAILKIND ! 



Chantelle, a columnist for Scratch Magazine, created simple Autumn looks with NAILKIND. Ahead, you'll find 4 dazzling and easy-to-do nail art designs — including Simplified Rainbow, Leopard Prints, Snake Swirl, and Red Carpet. On top of that, you can try out these different types of gorgeous nail art designs for various occasions. These are easily done even if you are a beginner. Happy almost-winter!  

Simplified Rainbow

This look was made for minimal nail-art lovers — To do this look at home, paint your nails with our Nailkind nude shades. This new trendy nail art design gives you a perfect look.


Leopard Prints

A chic alternative french manicure that is perfect for autumn. Try out these Halloween nails using dotting tools and a nail art brush. 
It is not difficult to do, and all you require is Sassy, and Lady Marmalade shades.

  • Draw on your half french with Sassy over your dry Natural Base Coat layer.
  • Then apply your Lady Marmalade french tip to the other side.
  • Once dry apply random dots of Sassy with a dotting tool or bobby pin.
  • Make sure to come down below the french line to give this look a fashion forward twist.
  • Complete with Mist You Top Coat.

Snake Swirl

Don't reserve darker hues for the autumn only.
Swirls are in and here to stay. This look will show you just how pigmented Nailkind polishes are. Even with one coat and overlapping a darker shade like Coco Loco, you can create the perfect swirl with Crocodile Smile.

Red carpet

This look was made as a cure to a fear of bold colours. To create a similar look at home, you'll just need Red Carpet shade from Nailkind and a steady hand with a liner brush.
  • Apply a layer of Natural Base Coat and then using a striping brush draw out the outline of your negative space triangle at the cuticle.
  • Then fill in the upper half of the nail with Red Carpet.
  • Apply your Mist You Top Coat to give you the perfect glossy finish.
Have a go and please share your own creations with us either via Instagram @nailkindofficial or via email