Beautiful Nudes

If you are looking to purchase a couple of polishes that’ll forever remain a classic then you can’t go wrong with nudes.


Nude look created by @clawgasmic featuring Nailkind Sahara Dreams & Bon Bon Blush


When it comes to nude nail polish I don’t think you can ever have too many!

Ranging from a subtle hint of colour to give you that healthy glow and shine to your nails, to the most perfect nude canvas for multiple on trend nail art looks.

There is a nude for everyone ranging from a soft, elegant, subtle cream pink such as Nailkind Pillow Talk to a rich, dark, beautiful brown like Nailkind Coco Loco and all the gorgeous, glorious shades of nude in between.

Nudes are perfect for every season, any occasion and all year through. Cashmere Kiss and Sahara Dreams are the dreamiest bases for pops of colour too, add some pink dots, or a green swirl or two to take your nude mani up a knotch.

In the Autumn winter seasons we see a calling for more cooler toned nudes like My harmony or Nutz which both have a lovely mushroom under tone to them. These shades will suit all skin tones and are sure to make a statement against all the beige and grey clothing we see come in around this time.

Bon Bon blush is the perfect partner for someone who still wants a nude but with something a little extra. This nude has a slight grey tone to it as opposed to being more pink, beige or brown, and again suits most skin tones

Talking of people who want something a little different to go with their nude manicure, don’t think you always have to go bold. Pairing nudes with neutral (nearly nudes) will give you a high fashion, editorial look that will still be minimal and chic enough to go with every single outfit until you redo them.

Colours like Crocodile smile, Pink elephants and Lava love work really well with all the previous nudes I’ve mentioned.

Fill your nail polish collection up with Classics, shades that you’ll love time and time again. I promise you won’t regret it

Chantelle Vermont - Co founder Clawgasmic