Summer Nail Art Trends with Nail Kind

Summer Nail Art Trends with Nail Kind


With summer in the air one of the greatest ways to enjoy the sunny season is with nail art. Nail Kind is a multi-award winning brand that has a wide range of stunning polishes that are up to 85% bio-sourced, natural origin, vegan, animal and plant friendly. Nail Kind is the perfect choice to create your summery designs.     



Fruity Nail Art:

Nothing screams summer like fruit inspired nails. Easily achievable with Nail Kind shades you can create strawberry designs or even a juicy watermelon with shades Smokin Hot, Candy Floss and Lime Time. 




Gradient Nails:

Gradient nail art is a summer staple. Using shade Cloud Bunny you can achieve an array of gradient nail designs by pairing it with another shade or two. Why not try it with Cotton Candy and Smokin Hot to create a pretty pink gradient. 




Swirl designs are the hottest tend in nail art right now. You can use an array of colours to create a fun and bright nail art design. Cloud Bunny, Smokin Hot, Candy floss and Skinny Dip are some of my favourite Nail Kind polishes to achieve this look. 


Animal Print:

Animal print is popular all year round but this summer why not try cow print. You can achieve this design by using new Shades Cloud Bunny and Mystery Mango adding a twist to the usual black and white spots. You can paint your nails with Cloud Bunny and then use Mystery Mango to create the spots on top. If you want to get even more creative you can alternate the colours on every other nail. 





Retro Patterns:

A fun and easy retro pattern to create on the nails in the semi-circle design. Nail Kind brushes are rounded so very easy to achieve this design without nail art tools. All you need to do is paint your nails with a colour from the Nail Kind range and then use a different colour to create the semi-circle at the edge of the nail. Cloud Bunny, Mystery Mango and Skinny Dip make a great colour story to achieve this design.


Whatever nail art trends you choose this summer Nail Kind has an amazing range of beautiful shades to help you achieve your summery designs.  


Suzie Simpson 


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