Think Seasonally

Think Seasonally

You’ve been waiting all week to do your nails, when all of a sudden you realize that you haven’t given one single thought about what colour you want to go for! So, you begin to frantically run through all of the possibilities in your head... Which sounds a bit something like this:

“I’m feeling bold today, so I’ll choose a classic, bright pillar box red. But, no… wait. That IS quite bright and it’s coming into Autumn now. So, maybe I should go for a chocolate shade instead… Oh, but I hated that the last time I had that. Oh gosh,I need to just hurry up and choose one, why is this so hard?!. Oh, okay, I know. I’ll go for something dark and sexy, like I saw Khloe Kardashian wear the other day. Yep! That’s my decision.

Hm… I do always LOVE a good nude though. Yeah, maybe I should go for a nude. But, I always feel so boring having the same thing when there are so many colours to choose from. Nude is so predictable for me. Ah!”

Sound familiar? I’m betting it does, because we have all had these moments. Even myself as a nail technician, can get overwhelmed with having so many options to choose from.

I’m going to give you some ideas for some great shades to try!

Unlike other articles you may have read before, I’m not going to talk about what colours and shades suit certain skin tones. Instead, I feel that the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing your nail colour- regardless of your complexion- is to go for a colour that makes you SMILE! Something, that when it’s pouring rain outside or when you’ve had a long day or when you’re just doing something mundane like unpacking your food shopping, that you catch a glimpse of your hands and think, “Oh, I just love my nails!"


Anything goes now with nails. It’s such a fun release and so empowering to get creative with the little things in your life- like your nails!

So, let’s talk about choosing the perfect nail colour for YOU!

A helpful- and fun- way I’ve found to narrow down all of the colour choices we have available to us today is to think seasonally. Each season brings its own mood and inspiration. When you play into each of these palettes it will give you new colour ideas for every salon visit or every at home pamper session as well as limiting the overwhelm from having literally every option to choose from.



As we are just about to enter Autumn I thought I should start here.

Think warm cozy tones, that remind you of snuggling up in your favourite knitwear with your favourite mug of something warm. A burnt orange like ‘Lava love’ is so on trend for this time of year. The perfect partner for ‘Coco loco’ (this shade looks incredible on its own too.) Add the nailkind high gloss topcoat and you’ll get mesmerised looking at them.

Don’t be afraid to go bold in Autumn too. Pops of a bold colours can really be the perfect finish to any outfit. Blues are one of my favourite to use this time of the year ‘Ink Me’ is a gorgeous shade for doing just this.

Green nails are also a must have and are 100% here to stay. There is a perfect green for every season so you’ll notice that I’ve popped one for each season in this blog post.

Crocodile Smile’ is a stunning sage green that will complement all the tan, beige and cream colour knitwear beautifully!


Trust me! You will never regret buying a rich red and a deep plum. ‘Wine o clock’ and ‘Shh shocking’ are two of my favourites and will suit every one. Long nails, short nails, round nails, square nails, it’ll look fab on anything and everything!

Make sure they are super glossy and I promise you’ll people will be admiring your nails when you’re out and about. Green daze is another beautiful one for this time of year and goes great with gold jewellery.


I don’t care what you’ve been told before, pastels look great on everyone! From gorgeous fair skin tones all the way to flawless dark skin tones, there is a pastel tone and shade for us all. ‘Candy floss’ is a soft pink that still makes an impact. Perfect for spring and also great for using in nail art ideas for example a pink spring cuff manicure or even as a super skinny french tip.

‘Water baby’ a lovely mint green will be fab for you spring getaway trips, super cute on toes and again suits a lot of different skin tones. I feel like people are always a little shy when it comes to pastels but as soon as they try it, then it's not long until they totally fall in love.

You should always have a bottle of a fresh neutral spring tone that you can go to every single year like ‘Cashmere kiss’ it’s soft, elegant, and timeless. You’ll go back to this shade again and again. And for those days when you are not sure what to wear, this will become your go to.


GO BOLD! BE BRIGHT! HAVE FUN! Colours that will compliment your sunkissed skin are Flip flop’ ‘Santorini bikini’ and ‘Lime time’ now stay with me I know these may seem like quite daring shades but give them a try. Painting your nails should be fun! There is nothing like sitting in the sun, sipping your favourite drink and admiring your bright nails.

If you are new to bold colours try them on your toes first until you feel like taking the plunge. I bet you’ll wonder why you’ve not tried them before.

Above all, when picking a colour to rock for the next coming weeks, always go for the one you gravitate towards. This may be a seasonal vibe or it may be expressing

something even more particular to you. Either way, you want a shade that’ll make you feel like you can take on the world! Something that makes you smile and lifts your mood whenever you look at them! I love doing nails, but my absolute favourite part about being a tech is giving my clients, friends and family a look that will keep them beaming way past the appointment!



By Chantelle Vermont, Co-funder of Clawgasmic

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